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What does it look like to
live the real blessed life?

Pastor Erich and Joanne Eisenhart were challenged to dig into the subject of families and children because of a dream Ps. Erich had many years ago. They both felt led to uncover what God’s perspective was on this often misinterpreted topic and to share what they found through writing this book.
Through this book, you will learn what God’s idea of the ultimate blessed life is and how children are part of God’s plan for our world. Using their own story, as well as others as a backdrop, this book will lay out a biblical perspective on families and children as it pertains to the true blessed life we were created to live.
The church often falls for beliefs and thoughts on family that are commonly held by society at large, but do not line up with God’s Word. Allow the Lord to align your heart with his own through the truth presented in these pages.

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