Open Courses

True North College is opening five courses to the True North Family during the Spring 2024 Semester.
Open courses offer an opportunity to be discipled at a college level without the college application, credits and coursework.

Doctrine of God & Man

A systematic study of the doctrine of God (theology proper) and the doctrine of man (anthropology). Special attention will be given to a study of “the world” (expanding on the study of man by extending it into the fallen realm in which he lives). The Gospels and Jesus’ teachings will serve as the specific source of the study.

Advanced Hermeneutics

Through an intensive study of the book of Malachi the use of the principles of inductive bible study will be used to practice observing, interpreting and applying Scripture. Special attention will be given to making application. Topics such as avoiding hypocrisy and the coming of Christ will be emphasized.

Marriage and the Family

A biblical study of the institution of marriage with a focus on marriage roles. Special attention will be given to understanding family dynamics and applying authority and responsibility in parenting. Special emphasis will be put on the importance of our words in fostering healthy relationships.

Church Fellowship

A study of the necessity, nature, and neglect of fellowship in the Church. Special attention is given to a study of ideas and principles for leading and participating in small groups. Special emphasis will be put on biblical descriptions of the Church as well as a consideration of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism.

Christian Spirituality

A study of what it means to be spiritual and how to grow spiritually. Special attention is given to the need to understand the nature of the gospel and how to live it out by focusing on repentance and the life of the cross. Special emphasis is put on fasting as an example of a spiritual discipline that highlights “vessel theology.”

Identify. Equip. Release.