Open Courses

True North College is opening five courses to the True North Family during the Summer 2024 Semester.
Open courses offer an opportunity to be discipled at a college level without the college application, credits and coursework.

Pastoral Ministry

An examination of the roles and expectations of a pastor. Specific tasks associated with pastoral ministry are addressed including leadership development, conducting of baptisms, weddings, funerals, child dedications, the Lord’s Supper, and church discipline. Emphasis is placed on the use of compassion, hope and spiritual direction as a framework for the ministry of pastoral care.

Spirit War & World

In this study the weapons and armor of the Christian soldier will be considered with respect to engaging in spiritual warfare. Special attention is given to the reality of the spirit world and the Christian’s response to it. Special emphasis will be put on the theology surrounding the identity and activity of angels and demons (angelology and demonology).

Identify. Equip. Release.