Open Courses

True North College is opening five courses to the True North Family during the Fall 2024 Semester.
Open courses offer an opportunity to be discipled at a college level without the college application, credits and coursework.

New Testament Survey

A general survey of the New Testament covering the Gospels, the book of Acts, the Pauline Epistles and Hebrews, the General Epistles, and the book of Revelation. Special attention will be given to the key issues and teachings of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount with a focus on the sermon’s Beatitudes.

Knowing God

A study of the doctrine of knowing God (epistemology). Special attention will be given to the practice of knowing God so as to challenge and motivate the student to seek God. Special emphasis will be on what faith is and is not and how to use your faith.

Evangelism and Church Growth

A study of how to witness to others including helpful strategies and tools to use in the evangelism process. Special attention is given to personal evangelism methods with a focus on the use of personal testimony. Special emphasis will be put on church growth principles and dynamics of revival.

Christian Counseling

An examination of the roles and expectations of a Christian counselor. Specific skills and tools used in counseling are developed as are processes that may be used in different areas of counseling. Consideration is given to how psychology and theology intersect in Christian counseling. Special emphasis will be put on the theory and practice of counseling from a biblical point of view and how to help people in practical ways.

Christian Character and Ethics

A focus on service, humility, and leadership using the lives of Moses, Nehemiah and others to depict what strong Christian character looks like. Special attention will be given to the outworking of Christian character in society as Christians take a stand on ethical issues.

Identify. Equip. Release.