Happy Sunday!

Aloha! Show your parents your best hula dance!
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Can You Remember
What We Learned Today?

What did Peter do to show he trusted Jesus?
(Walked on water)

Why can we trust Jesus?
(He’s God’s Son, He’s in control of everything, He rose from the dead)

Did Peter stop trusting Jesus because he was scared of a shark or big waves?
(Big waves)

Can you trust Jesus when you are scared?
Tell your parents our Need to Know for this week!
Trust Jesus (hold both your hands over your heart then point up)
You can earn Compass Coins if you know your verse by the end of the series!
Come and follow me, (motion hands toward self)
Jesus said. (both hands point up)
I will send you out (walk in place)
to fish for people. (cup hands around mouth)
Mark 1:17 (hold up one finger)

Sprouts & Explorers!

We miss you! Enjoy this fun video & we'll be seeing you soon.

Salvation Prayer

Dear Jesus, please forgive me of my sins. I believe you died on the cross and rose again. I accept you as my Lord and Savior. I am now a Christian, Christ now lives in me. Amen.”

If your child said this prayer for the first time and believed it in their heart, please reach out to us! We would love to send your child a bible, pray with the both of you, and help you along in this journey. You can click the link below to let Miss Sara know that your child has decided to follow Jesus!

Miss a lesson?

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Let's Play!

Have each family member choose a number between 1 and 5, and then play TRUTH or DARE based on the number they choose!

1 - TRUTH: What is your favorite sea creature?

DARE: Move around the room acting and sounding like a dolphin.

2 - TRUTH: Would you rather go to the beach or the pool?

DARE: Crab walk across the room and back.

3 - TRUTH: Do you like to eat fish or seafood?

DARE: Act out a sea creature and let everyone guess what you are.

4 - TRUTH: What is one thing that you love about Jesus?

DARE: Make your best fishy face.

5 - TRUTH: What is one of your favorite stories about Jesus?

DARE: Sing a line from your favorite worship song.

Before you go...

Let's pray!

Jesus, we know that we can trust You because You are awesome! Help us to trust you more, especially when we’re scared. Please show us how You are taking care of us every day. We love You. Amen!