This act of collective generosity reflects our desire to amplify efforts to share the Gospel and simply be the church – in our words and our actions.

Focus of Heart for the House

Through 4 focuses, this one-time offering will further our ability to care for people, while connecting them into a lasting relationship with Jesus.


Our desire is to further invest in tools to help new people who have joined or will join our church family get and stay connected.  We plan to increase our online presence to enhance our ability to reach and disciple hundreds of thousands more people for Jesus. ⁠


God calls us to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of our church family and we are forging forward to do that even more specifically during this unique time. We aim to come alongside individuals and families to offer provision and resources to meet every need we can.⁠


We’re partnering with community organizations and municipalities to help feed local families during the COVID-19 situation. We are also committed to blessing medical professionals and first responders on the front lines of this situation.  We will continue to grow these community outreach opportunities over the coming weeks and months.⁠


This Heart for the House offering transcends the needs of today and will also fund the advancement of our core mission to expand our presentation of the Gospel and encourage people to take next steps in their journey with Jesus.  We value what God has called us to beyond the immediate and know the vision God has placed in the heart of our church requires planning, preparation and resource. ⁠

We give because we serve a generous God and the heart of this house is to see God do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever imagine!⁠

*Please change the Fund to Heart for the House.